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If you Google around the internet using search terms such as seasickness or motion sickness or, how to cure motion sickness permanently, there are only several broad alternatives that rank.

There are drugs that you take, wear or chew, such as Dramamine, scopolamine patches or ginger. There are ‘general advice site’s that offer guidance to counter the effects of motion sickness which are usually vague on specifics, and lastly ‘pseudo-science, quack products and placebos’ such as wristbands, acupressure and silly spectacles, but that’s’ about it.

However, there is a simple solution that’s certainly been known since ancient times, its 100% effective and you don’t have to take drugs or consider anything else.  If that appeals, read my story below and watch the videos…

Captain Arthur’s Story

I am no newcomer to boats. I started my early adult life as a fisherman, as was my father and his father before him, on our boat the Manx Beauty fishing the Irish Sea in the UK.  From six years old I was enrolled into the family tradition. I was taught how to pick shrimps and hold dad’s big fillet knife properly — and its great fun to reflect on those times.

But from twelve years old, when I first went to sea, even when conditions were light I experienced motion sickness symptoms and nausea and in many cases became overwhelmed with acute seasickness as conditions worsened.

As I got older, and what I can only describe as my own version of ‘The Big Dirty Secret,’ I was consumed by feelings of inadequacy when it came to boats; and to some degree even guilt.  I would monitor other people, often newbie sailors and first-timers that had joined our crew, to see if they would feel the effects of seasickness before I did, but as the young-one aboard, I was always the first to succumb.

Seasickness Beaufort Scale

The Beaufort scale is a mariner’s measure for wind and sea state that you may recognise, but by my teens I had developed my own psychological terror-version of it.  Here it is…

  • Force 1 – 2: Calm/Light air:
    Worry all day in case the wind and waves increase, know what will happen if it does!
  • Force 3: Gentle Breeze:               
    Lots of pretend smiling and yawning to dad and crew, creeping feeling that all is not good, generally anxious. No one else affected but me!
  • Force 4 – 5:
    I am horizontal once again with my eyes shut… incapacitated… I try to wish the feelings of motion sickness and nausea away, but I can’t. Hate myself and dad’s boat!
  • Force 6 (and god only help me on days above that!):
  • Violently seasick, consumed by motion sickness and nausia, unable to move or communicate. I’m sure you know the rest!
If someone is suffering with seasickness or motion sickness and you have spares just place it in the ear of the person and within 10 minutes or so they will be cured

Johnny Evo’s Advice

One of dad’s crew members, whom sadly is not with us anymore, was an old sea-dog who had spent years in the merchant navy.  His name was Jonathan Evans, and was better known to us all as ‘Johnny Evo’.  He used to feel sorry for me and would often say when he saw that I was feeling queasy, “If you feel sick, put your finger in your ear. That’ll cure yer…”

But at that age I didn’t heed his advice, and didn’t want to look too much like a petrol pump all day in front of dad, so I never tried. I eventually came to realise much later on that this was one of the most important and influential insights of my entire life — I just didn’t know it yet.

I moved away from commercial fishing when I was a young man but I continued to sail actively all over the world. I would try to play down my ‘Big Dirty Secret’ and my psychological Beaufort ‘motion sickness’ terror-scale.

Over the years and quite often, I have traversed the internet searching for a cure for motion sickness, or how to cure motion sickness permanently, or at least a valid remedy for it. I have tried and researched everything possible.  My findings are that yes, drugs can work to a degree but there is drowsiness and side-effects — and if you do go down that road, you just don’t feel good all day anyway and you are not yourself and certainly not on-form. Wrist bands and spectacles are comical at best and a complete waste of time and money, so don’t bother there.

The Vilings surely knew how to cure motion sickness permanetly didn't they?

Did the Vikings Get Seasick?

So, what if we consider history? How did the Phoenicians or the Vikings navigate across vast stretches of water in horrendous conditions without being ill?  Surely they had to have a solution. Were all the Vikings lying in their ships suffering with the effects of the sea, what about the wives and children?  I very much doubt that this was the case. So, what did they do? Did they know how to cure motion sickness permanently?

The statistics online for motion sickness are fairly generalised but form the opinion that one in three people are highly susceptible to motion sickness or a travel sickness condition, whether that be by boat, plane, train or car.  But, from my 50 years experience in boats, I have found that the vast majority of people are susceptible to motion sickness i.e. sea sickness, it just depends to what degree.

If you don’t suffer with motion sickness at all (like my lucky wife) then that’s great and the chances are therefore probably slim that you will be reading this article.  However, if you are within the one-in-three group or even if you suspect that you or your family are at risk of being in the one-in-three group there is a solution.

Remember ‘Johnny Evo’? Well around fifteen years ago I recalled his ‘finger in ear’ suggestion and decided to research that out some more to see if there was any truth to it.  I found some rumours and speculation on the web that this was a ‘thing’ for a motion sickness cure but nothing much to write home about.  With this being such a debilitating condition I was surprised there wasn’t a lot more on the subject. I started to reach out to a few old timers in the UK and one or two did confirm that by blocking your ear in a certain way then seasickness could be overcome. So I persevered.

No Dramamine & No Scopolamine Patches Required!

To summarise, I have tested this blocking ear phenomenon extensively whilst sailing in all types of weather and not a peep of seasickness. It’s 100% effective with no issues of any kind.  It’s an understatement to say this is a miraculous situation and has changed my life for the better.  And now there is no more Beaufort scale and I couldn’t care less what the weather does as long as it’s not a gale or storm.  And who would want that sort of risk anyway?

The point is until this revelation, I would even feel queasy in the back of a taxi, but now, as long as I have my product to hand, I just pop it in my ear and any motion sickness and nausea dissipates within a minute or two, and is totally gone.  It works just as good in planes, trains, cars and all transport that involves movement, even fair rides and what I used to dread most with the children SIMULATORS!!  You need to wear the product about 15-20 minutes before going on the ride and that’s it, job’s done!

Be a Hero

The really good news is that if you see someone affected by motion sickness when travelling, you can be their absolute hero by offering them one of Captain Arthur’s no more motion sickness earplugs, as we always provide extra for you. 

I wish to say thanks to ‘Johnny Evo’ whose insight has made my sailing experiences since the re-discovery of this motion sickness relief first class.  I wish I had listened to him when I was much younger.

The even better news is that we have created a quality product to completely stop motion sickness for you and your family. You can purchase Captain Arthur’s no more motion sickness earplugs via our Amazon shop. The product includes full instructions of what to do, and more importantly, what NOT to do.

So there you have it. And although, I can’t prove it for sure, this simple solution MUST have been known to the ancient mariners; it couldn’t have been any other way? 

If you find any information on this subject then let me know. So, spread the word on How To Cure Motion Sickness Permanently and please leave us a nice comment when you become the next Viking warrior of the seas… or of the sky… or of rails… or fairgrounds, simulators, and even taxi rides!

Guidance FAQ’s – Dos & Don’ts

Motion Sickness - Seasickness in a small boat can easily be cured with Captain Arthur's earplugs

You can use the product with any mode of transport that produces motion.  This includes travel sickness or motion sickness in cars, buses, coaches, taxis, boats, ships, ferries etc.

Motion sickness in a bus can easily be cured with Captain Arthur's earplugs

Children and older people are naturally more susceptible to motion sickness.  They can also use the product without problems.

Motion sickness in the air can easily be cured with Captain Arthur's earplugs

Don’t use the product whilst scuba diving when you are underwater as this has not been tested.  But to be honest, when scuba diving I have never felt nauseous when underwater.  The nausea onset occurs when I am bobbing up and down when I have returned to the surface of the water, waiting for the dive vessel to turn up.  However, at the surface you can use the product in the normal way to prevent the effects of nausea.

Motion sickness on a ferry boat can easily be cured with Captain Arthur's earplugs

You can use the product whilst snorkelling or using other watersports without issue, and it is a good idea to do so.

Motion sickness in a car can easily be cured with Captain Arthur's earplugs

When you start to feel well whilst using the product, do not be tempted to remove it.   If you do this then within a few minutes you will succumb to the feelings of motion sickness again.

Motion sickness in a helicopter can easily be cured with Captain Arthur's earplugs

Do not swap ears; leave the product in place once it has been inserted. There is no correct ear that you need to use. Either one will be fine. Note, trying to block signals to the brain by closing your eyes as an alternative DOES NOT WORK. It must be a blockage of one ear. This is how to cure motion sickness permanently.

Motion sickness with watersports can easily be cured with Captain Arthur's earplugs

We can’t see how the product would help you with morning sickness as this would be caused by something different.  The product is motion sickness based only.

Motion sickness on a train can easily be cured with Captain Arthur's earplugs

If you are boating and decide to swim for a short period do not remove the product.  Also, do not insert the product into both ears. You may falsely believe it to be a good idea to try to keep water out at the time, but if you do this, then as well as being unable to hear the people around you, you will begin to feel the effects of motion sickness again.  So don’t do it.

Motion sickness on a coach can easily be cured with Captain Arthur's earplugs

If you are swimming the product is designed to not float away out of your ear.

Motion sickness in a balloon can easily be cured with Captain Arthur's earplugs

If you decide you want to lie down to rest or sleep, do not remove the product.  You can sleep on the side containing the product in the normal way without issues. The product has been designed for you to do just this!

Motion sickness on the water can easily be cured with Captain Arthur's earplugs

If you are in high wind conditions the product is designed not to blow out of your ear!

Motion sickness when travelling by road can easily be cured with Captain Arthur's earplugs

If you forget to insert the product prior to the start of your journey and then only realise as you start to feel the onset of motion sickness, then don’t worry… it’s a simple matter to insert the product and wait a few minutes and the nausea will subside completely.

Motion sickness in simulators can easily be cured with Captain Arthur's earplugs

If someone is suffering with seasickness or motion sickness and you have spares just place it in the ear of the person and within 10 minutes or so their symptoms will disappear.

Motion sickness in yachts can easily be cured with Captain Arthur's earplugs

You do not have to keep wondering all day whether the effect will subside for some reason, it won’t.  You don’t have to keep wondering if you are the odd-one-out and somehow the product won’t work, it will.  Just insert the product and get on with your day.  You probably won’t think about motion sickness again at all. You will feel as comfortable as if you were walking down the street on any normal day.

Motion sickness in trucks can easily be cured with Captain Arthur's earplugs

Some good tips to aid in seasickness recovery as well as wearing the product is to avoid reading books or playing on your phone or looking sideways talking to someone like a taxi driver.  Keep your head straight and look out of the windows and focus on the horizon, or if in a car straight ahead at the distant road.

Motion sickness in an aeroplane can easily be cured with Captain Arthur's earplugs

Keep food intake light.  But make sure you do eat.  Anticipation of motion sickness psychologically prior to a journey in itself can lead to acid stomach, so you do need to have something in you before you set off rather than trying to travel on an empty stomach.

Motion sickness in a boat can easily be cured with Captain Arthur's earplugs

Best food is dry crackers if you are feeling a bit off.  Drink in the normal way but not excessively.  However, with the product in place you should have no need to restrict your daily dietary routines.

Motion sickness in a taxi can easily be cured with Captain Arthur's earplugs

Don’t drink alcohol whilst travelling, especially on a boat!!  Wait for a nice port or harbour to go and enjoy yourself later.  This can be a common ‘Mr and Mrs Spoon’s’ scenario that needs to be avoided for the peace and safety of you and for the other people around you.  Just enjoy your day naturally and have a great time! And now you know the secrets of how to cure motion sickness permanently.